Trendak innovation

Our advanced scalable technology for data management & analytics are based on the founders' combined 60 years R&D expertise in business analytics, data mining, text and string mining algorithms and high performance computing.

We use best-of-breed Big Data technologies to collect, archive, integrate from multiple social media sites in real-time.

We use proprietary languagespecific rules, language-specific resources and statistical natural language processing (NLP) techniques.

Take a look at Our Products

  • Scalable Data Collection and Management

    • Optimized data collection and indexing
    • Scalable processing algorithms
    • Cluster and HPC support
    • Cloud-computing support

  • Advanced Text Analytics

    • Automatic topic categorization
    • Emerging topic detection
    • Automatic sentiment analysis
    • Automatic named entity recognition

  • Extensible Architecture

    • Integrating in-house data sources
    • APIs s to simplify retrieval of collected data
    • APIs for using test analytics functionality
    • Simplified integration of third party tools