Trendak's multilingual monitoring and analysis solutions allow you to take control of your social media presence more efficiently and effectively.

Our products Empowers your organization with insights on social media data to boom your brands products.

Enables you to be more productive in planning, managing and executing your social medial presence.

Interactive Analytics

GIS and map views


Programmatic APIs

We provide a wide range of API's Interface to support integration with various styles.


Real-time Interaction

Real-time monitors


Multi-lingual support


Social Media Intelligence

Track accounts keywords and topics


Fully customizable

  • Interactive Analytics

    • Intuitive web-based interface
    • Drill down and up in data
    • Dashboard with interactive charts
    • GIS and map views

  • Programmatic APIs

    • Text Analysis
    • Crawling
    • Reporting

  • Real-time Interaction

    • Real-time monitors
    • Real-time chart and map
    • Real-time alerts
    • Interactive campaign management

  • Multi-lingual support

    • English
    • French
    • Arabic (MSA and colloquial variants)
    • Other languages on demand

  • Social Media Intelligence

    • Access multiple social networks
    • Track accounts keywords and topics
    • Discovery frequent and emerging trends
    • Measure the impact of conversations

  • Fully customizable

    • Flexibleon - site and remote deployments
    • User-defined dictionaries and ontologies
    • Customizable Metrics
    • Simplified query and report management